using 2 USB wireless controllers

  • i have had this controller working for a while no issues.

    i bought a second controller, plugged in the usb dongle for the 2nd controller into a USB port on my Pi, and it the controller won't connect, because the light on the controller just blinks.

    i tested them both , plugged in the same time on windows 10 both using their own usb dongle and they both show up fine.

    i can plug in each controller to my Pi with recalbox individually and they work fine. but when i connect both usb dongles on 2 of the usb ports on the Pi i am not sure if recalbox or the linux OS is picking both of them up?

    is there something else i need to do to get both of them to work with recalbox so that both the USB dongles are working? again i know they can both work at the same time on windows, and it's just bluetooth so i fig there is some extra step i need to take. thanks

  • well did some more experimenting. i hooked 1 up BT the other up using USB cable direct. both worked fine. i then took the direct one and unplugged it then plugged in the 2nd USB BT dongle/adapter and turned it on, then it picked it up BOTH of them! 🙂

    so i think if i boot up recalbox with BOTH my adapters BT USB dongle/adapters plugged in only 1 controller will work, but if i boot up recalbox with only 1 BT USB dongle/adapter connected, make sure the controller for that adapter is connected. then plug in the 2nd BT USB dongle/adapter then 2nd controller then picks up fine.

    i saw a separate post that recalbox 4.1 when it comes out will use the built in BT on the Pi 3 ??? would it then pick up both of these controllers without me needed to fanagle it like i am now and on top of that have to use BT USB dongle/adapters ? thanks

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