Demon Front - doing my head in

  • Hey team. Demon Front. I finally got it working. But I dont know how. I have the roms, the bios files and it works sweet on one of my recalbox setups. Originally it was hanging at a black time/date screen following the PGM screen intro. It always quit back to recalbox after the time/date screen. In frustration I mashed a whole lot of buttons on my controller and it now works. I just rebuilt another recalbox and cant get it to work. I have copied all the roms and bios files from my recalbox which has a working Demon Front on it. Same deal again, its quitting out after the black time/date screen. I have no idea how i got it to work last time. Both recalboxes are identical - built from the same image. Thanks in advance.

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    @spastic please read the two arcade pages on the wiki. Also Demon Front is playing atcorrect speed only on Pi3

  • Thanks mate. I have looked through those but I guess I'm too dumb to work it out. 2x RPi3's, one has demon front working, one does not. All bios/rom files the same.

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    @spastic are rom/bios from the right romset ?

  • @voljega well I have 2 x RPi3's. I built one up all nice and sweet with all my games working, including demon front. I took a image of the SD card for future use. Built 2 x more RPi3's with the image and everything was working. I rebuilt an RPi3 this morning and Demon Front just wont work. Same rom/files/bios as the Pi that is working. I'm assuming correct romsets as it was working perfectly. Now on the one Pi it just crashes back to Recalbox after the PGM time/date.

  • @voljega thanks for your help. Sorry this wont help anyone else in the same boat but i did a frustrated button mash again when the PGM scree came up and its all go again. Thank you voljega

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    @spastic you still didn't answer my question, the answer of which could be the root cause of the problem 😉

  • do not use the rewind
    Option and the game works fine !

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