New user - Pi continuously re-boots

  • Hi all. First time Rasberry PI user. Wnated it for Retro gaming as well as a media centre, so Recalbox seemed the easier option.

    Done all that was needed and started up. no t any problems, and was not asked to configure anything.

    1 problem is that it would continuously reboot at different times. Also dont know how to shutdown PI.

    Hope I can find a patient person to help

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    @BubbleBoy to cleanly power off your pi, just press select on the main screen (the one with the emulators list) and choose one of the two shutdown options.
    Wait for the green light on the pi board (not the ethernet one) to be off and then 5-10s before disconnecting from power socket.
    Always disconnect the Pi cleanly or your Recalbox OS could be broken

    For tge reboot problem I woukd say either you overclocked your pi and it doesn' like it or more likely you have sole electrical problem / bad contact / bad power block or something. Your Pi could also be faulty

  • @voljega

    Thanks for the comments. I will do as suggested tonight. Will also try a few more plugs to confirm that the connection is not faulty.

  • All sorted.

    Reboot seemed to have been a ps issue. Shut down has been sorted as well. Thanks for helping.

    Next - is the WiFi issue.....

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