Recalbox 7.0

NeoGeo Left & Right Controls Reversed

  • Total NOOB so sorry if this is a stupid question. The left and right joystick direction controls are reversed when playing NeoGeo ROMs. That's the case in both NeoGeo and FBA. Up and down are correct and as far as I can tell all the other buttons are correct as well. The joystick controls work perfectly with all the other emulators. I am using a Xin Mo controller as well as a PS4 controller connected through USB. The result is the same for both controllers. I'm using Recalbox on a Raspberry Pi 3b.

    I attempted to open the config file for NeoGeo and reverse the left and right but like I said, total NOOB and I decided I better ask for advice. I'm afraid to make any changes in FBA since I have many other non-NeoGeo ROMs that work perfectly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I moved everything from FBA to FBA_Libretro and it works perfectly.

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