Re-syncing ps3 controllers to a PS3 proves a challenge?

  • Hi guys
    I kinda have a reversed problem here. I have two original sixaxis ps3 controllers, that I have been using this past year with my Recalbox (RPi3). Works like a charm.
    This evening I wanted to reconnect them to my ps3, but this proved quite impossible. They both work fine while connected through a usb cable, but as soon as they are disconnected, the 4 leds starts flashing rather fast, and the connection is lost. I have tried using the reset feature (the small pinhole on the back of the controllers) a bunch of times, but the problem remains the same. I have been through countless fora, and the basic fixes does not seem to apply to my problem.
    Have any of you had a similar issue, or/and would you happen to know how to fix this?

    All the best

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