Recalbox 7.0

PS3 Bluetooth connectivity

  • Do I need to plug my ps3 remote in every time I want to sync it with my Bluetooth dongle?

  • Do you have the driver set in your config file?

  • @davidwrightini I got it pre-loaded so I have no idea,

  • Perhaps, but first connect to your pi via your browser (type in it's ip, 192.168.1.***) and go to the config page
    scroll down to PS3 controller and make sure it's enabled with the correct driver. Also make sure xbox pads are disabled. Then try doing the manual connect via putty

  • @davidwrightini here is what it has

    # -------------- D - Controllers ----------------- #
    # Enable support for standard bluetooth controllers
    ## Please enable only one of these
    # -------------- D1 - PS3 Controllers ------------ #
    ##Enable PS3 controllers support
    ## Choose an driver between official, shanwan and gasia if you have dualshock clones (official,shanwan,gasia)
    # ------------ D2 - XBOX Controllers ------------ #
    ## Xbox controllers are already supported, but xboxdrv can solve some compatibility issues 
    ## Enable xboxdrv driver, disable this if you enabled ps3 controllers (0,1)
    ## Set the amount of controllers to use with xboxdrv (0..4)
    # ------------ D3 - GPIO Controllers ------------ #
    ## GPIO Controllers
    ## enable controllers on GPIO with mk_arcarde_joystick_rpi (0,1)
    ## mk_gpio arguments, map=1 for one controller, map=1,2 for 2 (map=1,map=1,2)
    ## DB9 Controllers
    ## Enable DB9 drivers for atari, megadrive, amiga controllers (0,1)
    ## db9 arguments
    ## Gamecon controllers
    ## Enable gamecon controllers, for nes, snes psx (0,1) 
    ## gamecon_args
    ## XGaming's XArcade Tankstik and other compatible devices

  • Looks fine. You might want to check that your bluetooth dongle is compatible using the compatibility list.

  • @davidwrightini I did and it is. Its not a huge deal just kinda sucks I have to plug em in everytime I boot up my system. Thanks for taking a look and tryin to help! Greatly appreciated =D

  • interesting topic,
    i found out that the "plug and play" bluetooth dongle works well, when ever i do a reboot of my Pi, I just have to pair it ( pressing the hotkey button)..
    what google cant provide me tho is that i now have to link a second wireless Ps3 controller.
    what do i do?. do i unplug my first controller blue tooth first,
    is it best to rather get a wired controller??



  • @linuxxx82 I just plugged my second one in once the Bluetooth picked up the first controller and it seems once one is picked up the other one it good to go. but yeah try just plugging it in after you get one recognized

  • @linuxxx82 So far the easiest remote to set up has been the xbox360 remotes with the wireless PC dongle

  • @Bowzer-Mike No worries sorry I couldn't be of any help! I too have had trouble getting ps3 controllers to work over Bluetooth ;_;

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