Issues after updating to latest version

  • Hi

    I need help. 😞
    I just got a notification that a update is available for the recalbox. So I did the update and know the recalbox version is: "4.0-rpi3-build-23 2016/10/31 23:59".

    Since then.. nothing but trouble. So far the following issues came up:

    • The hotkey commands no longer work. I start a game (testes snes and pcengine so far) and no hotkey command worked. I also tried to reconfigure my button layout, but still no luck.

    • PC Engine CD games no longer run. They worked fine before, the bios is still in the bios folder and I changed nothing on my roms. I don't know if other systems that require bios are affected as well.

    Anyone know a solution? 😞

  • Are you updating to beta 6 or the latest unstable?

  • I was on beta 6 before and all was good.
    Then the recalbox autoupdater told me of a new update which I installed. That was the above mentioned version that caused all the issues.

    Since I found no other solution, I now drastically wiped the entire system and did a clean re-install of beta 4. I will stay clear of updates for now, hoping that this problem will not re-appear.

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