My Picade

  • The kit came with a dinky 8" display, so I upgraded to a larger 12.1" display.

    I swapped out the crappy included Zippyy joystick and Abundant buttons for a Sanwa JLF and OBSF-30's.

    In order to get all buttons functioning properly in Recalbox, I flashed the Picade kit board with modded firmware I found on the Pimoroni forums. Now it works perfectly!
    Check it out:


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  • So you're running recalbox in a picade ?

  • @subs Yes indeed! I was finding it difficult to get all of the controls working in Recalbox with both Pimoroni's original keyboard-oriented arduino board firmware as well as their self-configurable updated firmware. Whether I assigned custom keyboard or gamepad function mappings, the buttons never responded in games or the main menu--DESPITE being registered correctly during controller configuration in Recalbox.

    I used the following custom firmware and everything works perfectly now.


    Pimoroni Forums Thread:

  • We can handle keyboards, please read

    But i remember an arduino input handler that could be reprogrammed to trigger some real joystick events. Someone asked for that in the forum and got the solution

  • @subs Thanks for sharing this information. I read that page about keyboard mapping and reconfigured as such via Pimoroni's 2.x update. I even later tried a bit of gamepad mapping for joystick and action buttons, with keyboard for the menu functions. Despite the visual confirmation of their mappings in Recalbox, the buttons (especially action 1-6) didn't respond in-game with all emulators.

    The fact that the linked custom firmware exists (and works well), gives credence to the fact that this is more of an incompatibility issue with the Picade board's configuration flexibility, than it shows any issue with Recalbox.

    For my purposes, everything works perfectly.

  • Hi @jopamo
    As you, I just finished my Picade, it works like a charm with Recalbox.
    Unfortunately, it's quite impossible for me to find a compatible 12.1 screen, can you tell me the reference of the screen you bought ? Eventually where did you buy it ?
    Thanks a lot !

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