White screen since update

  • Hello, Since I have done the update my recalbox doesnt seem to want to get to the main menu. I changed to the new them and ever since, I just get a big white screen. Anyone know what I can do to fix it? Thanks

  • I think you have too much roms. Try to move some of them to another place, change the theme back to simplesvgs then move roms again.

  • I had the same issue when using an 8GB memory card and loading PSX images onto it. There was a small amount of space left but I filled that up using game saves 😕

  • Easier : sed -i "s/zoid/simplesvgs/" /root/.emulationstation/es_settings.cfg

  • I had the same issue since transferring many roms. The solution I found was to take out the SD Card use ExtFS reader in windows to access the Root, from there I changed the Zoid theme back to default using the config settings. This for me has fixed the white screen issue, something to do with the Zoid theme.

  • I had the same issue happen. It was right after I scanned new roms, then performed a reboot. White screen on reboot. I went in and set HDMI to safe mode. Rebooted and changed from Zoid to default. Then edited the safe mode back to normal. Working fine under the default theme. Definitely an issue within Zoid theme. Edit: had 42% of disk space used. Space not my issue. ~Kryptto

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