Do FBA-MegaDrive \ Mega-Tech\Mega-Play Roms work? Bios needed?

  • Hi, I just wondered if anyone had managed to get any mega-play\mega-tech games (specifically Streets of Rage 2) working in either Mame or FBA? I've found FBA-Mega Drive Roms, and wondered if they would need a mega-play\mega-tech bios in FBA? If so, do I need to add\change anything?

    (I have the Genesis version, but would like the arcade version amongst the FBA arcade games ideally).

    I can see neither are in the 'compatible roms' spreadsheet, but find Battletoads and NBA Jam TE to run\load in Mame, so hadn't let this put me off trying.

    Finally, has anyone managed to get Spider-Man (Arcade) to run with any Mame core?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Banned

    @steveb83 those boards are not supported at all by FBA only Mame but not the mame version found in Recalbox

    Spiderman is not working on Recalbox in Fba nor Mame

  • @voljega Thank you for the clarification! Much appreciated!

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