suggested ways to play rail shooters/light gun games?

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to be s.o.l. on this one. I've been searching for a solution on the github, wiki, and here on the forum, but all I ever find is what does not work. Is there no solution for someone who wants to play rail shooters without a CRT? Anything at all on any of the emulators at all?

    Inversely, reading some of the answers to questions about specific hardware has lead me to believe if I got a CRT, an old light gun, and all the pits to get those plugged into pi, that would work? If so how many of the emulators can take advantage of the light gun and crt?

    Last question, does the size of my screen make a difference?

    Thanks a bunch for any help buds, y'all're awesome.

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