PS3 gamepad turns off when exiting n64 game

  • I have an odd issue that after playing a n64 game and I exit back to the menu the controller turns off. I then have to turn it back on and reconnect. I am using a PS3 gamepad with a plugable brand Bluetooth adapter. I should note that this does not happen with any other emulator.

    Also is there any known issues with the game sort feature? It does not seem to work for me. For example I can set it to order by last played, but when I exit the menu the sort order does not change, and returning to the menu show that the sort order option has changed back to the default alphabetical.

    I am on the latest 4.0 beta 4. Also I see some mention of a 4.1 beta, is there a place to download this?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • Hi, I have a similar issue where in a n64 game when the PS3 controller powers off due to inactivity it fails to reconnect again. In other emulators like PSX the controller reconnects without an issue. Thanks.

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