Psx bios, online manager is confused

  • Re: Probleme recalbox et PSX
    So it seems to me in this thread, the verdict was all caps well I'm having some issue with current recalbox.
    Forgive me I do not speak your language. I just spent a day fixing. I backed up and reinstalled recalbox because of failure in kodi. When trying to play psx games that previously ran fine, black screen, no load. I checked .cue files, I confirmed rom size, reinstalled rom, then bios...was about to give up. I uploaded the bios and games not only through file manager (kodi, and cellphone), but also typing my I.P. into browser. I even confirmed md5 of all files (needless to say was a stressful day). Finally I just renamed the bios SCPH1001.BIN to all lowercase, despite it being in bold and checked in browser. All works. So good luck.

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