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[Question] Thème avec une image full screen en fond

  • As i said, the gamelist z-order might be an ES "problem"

  • Developer
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    Well if ya know how to fix it, it would be great 🙂

  • /me knows nothing to ES and don't wanna ever touch it

  • @supernature2k What do you mean with "the gamelist stays in back"?
    How should it be possible to have a picture in the meta data of a game? At the moment there are just a handfull of callable meta tags, right?

    Like md_lbl_rating, md_lbl_releasedate, md_lbl_developer, md_lbl_publisher, md_lbl_genre, md_lbl_players, md_lbl_lastplayed, md_lbl_playcount, md_lbl_favorite. Are there more?

    As far as I know multiple images are not supported because ES is not loading pictures dynamically.
    I could get in contact with Nils (inventor of the first ES Theme )

  • Developer
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    Hi @Nachtgarm ,

    The point here is as we can't add metadata, we are tweaking it 🙂

    So we are using the image metadata <md_image> and using it both as a background and screenshot/box art thingy thanks to screech's soft.

    Then there is no problem to add the labels and metadatas (the one you listed) but we still have one problem:

                <textlist name="gamelist">
    		<pos>0.025 0.20</pos>
    		<size>0.39 0.7</size>

    stays on background.

  • @supernature2k Now I understand what you're trying to do, but what do you mean by "stays on background"?

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    Well, an image is worth thousand words so:

    As you can see, image in "kinda" background, metadata and even console logo are above but gamelist is on back layer 😕

  • Now I get it. Well... Do you see any way to solve that? Because I don't. How would you change the order of the layers. Besides that you would need to create resolution fixed scrape data and the theme as well. So it won't be usable for everyone (depending of their resolution), because the bg image would always be part of the Game Image and I don't know a way of multiple layers in a graphic, except open formats like PSD.

  • The "solution" is :

    Modify UXS to create a MIX Image where you can cut a hole in it (so with transparancy you can see the gamelist who is a back layer)
    Modify UXS to create MIX template with "relative" position (in % of the final picture instead of direct position in Pixel)
    You already can say to UXS what is the size of the final picture (so you can say 1920x1080 or 800x600 as you want) with the second modification (relative position) normaly it would work for every size or ratio of screen (theorically ^^)

    The last question is : Can ES handle these big picture without too much lag ^^

    (but work is on my side now ^^)

  • Developer
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    Yep, lotta 1080p images could make ES suffer but we have to test it to be sure 🙂

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