Updating an old build

  • Hello, I 'm thinking about updating an old build, "v3.3.0-beta-9", running on RPI2 (overclocked to 1050mhz - normal speed 900mhz). It's set up on a bartop system i haven't built myself. So, it should just be a matter of connecting the system to a stable network and launching the update procedure for the menu, right? Is there any risk of loosing configuration, like controllers mapping for players 1 & 2? According to an old talk with the builder, it is using standard arcade controls on GPIO controller. Arcade ROMs will probably have to be updated as well. Thanks in advance for your possible advice.

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    You can't update from 3.3 to 4.0 you have to reinstall from scratch. So you'll lose all configurations and will have to redo it. If you save your recalbox.conf file content before udating it should be easier. Arcade roms will still be the same, though so no need to worry for that

  • Many thanks for the answer. I may even do a full backup before tempting this kind of re-installation, to have a fail-over restore solution.

  • ...and thinking about this again... I'll just do the re-installation on a new SDcard, and keep the old one as is, for a plug and play backup solution. 🙂

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