[Solved]MAME frustrating

  • I am having an awful time getting MAME to be consistent. I managed to get just 2 games working with it, but the following just refuse, they just start up to black screen then kick back to game list UI.

    • Out Run
    • Outrunners (world)
    • Super Hang-on
    • Pole Position

    I have done everything I can think of to fix them. I have scanned them with "Audit" in other MAME environments, I have confirmed I have all the necessary files, nothing is missing. I have confirmed that the games run in other MAME environments with matching version of MAME. I don't know what else I can do. Is there any way to be some sort of debugging of what is crashing instead of just black screen? Any ideas? Thank you! Sorry forgot some basic info: Recalbox is latest 4.0.0 beta as of today. Using Pi2

  • Alright, ignore me! It really did just come down to having a wrong/bad version of games.. I was able to confirm a fresh version for 0.78 and now these games are working fine, sorry to take up forum space! Case closed. 🙂

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