[Solved]Can't Save GPIO Config Setting

  • First of all -- I LOVE this platform.  Very easy to use and a very clean and attractive UI. Second, I searched very thoroughly but have been unable to solve my problem. And now -- my problem: I have an RP2 and I've built a gaming cabinet for it with traditional arcade buttons and a joystick.  The buttons and the joystick connect to the RP2's GPIO pins.  I've been able to access the recalbox.conf  tool through RP2 root access and I believe I have made the correct changes so it should connect to the buttons and joystick.  However, after making the change and exiting, it won't let me save the changes.  It gives me an error that says "Error writing" . . . and . . . "no such file or directory."  And then the recalbox program doesn't recognize my buttons or joystick. Any idea how I can get this working? Thank you very much.

  • I finally figured out how to access the recalbox.conf  tool through wifi on my Mac and was able to save from there eventually after lots of false starts.  It's working now and I'm very impressed with recalbox.  Nice work developers, really nice work.  Thank you for your work.

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