[Solved]n64 emulator doesn't work with n64 USB controller

  • I recently bought a USB n64 controller. But when i try to start a game it directly goes back to the recalbox homescreen. The controller works fine with every other platform.  When I use my xbox or ps3 controller the n64 emulator works. I changed my emulator to mupen64plus and configurated it exactly like this tutorial (the guy uses the same controller) http://powerpi.de/forum/download/file.php?id=1261&sid=91a0b7f149aab6be4603387e5f1c3da9&mode=view , but it didn't change anything. I have the feeling that none of the changes i did for the n64 emulator were successful (e.g. it's still 4/3 ratio even if 16/9 is selected) Thanks for any kind of response or help 😉

  • Hi, There is an issue with this controller, if you want make it worked for N64: 1) add this line to your recalbox.conf file n64.configfile=dummy 2) map your controller here share/system/configs/mupen64/InputAutoCfg.ini exemple:

    [DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick]
    plugged = True
    plugin = 2
    mouse = False
    AnalogDeadzone = 4096,4096
    AnalogPeak = 32768,32768
    DPad R = axis(5+)
    DPad L = axis(5-)
    DPad D = axis(6+)
    DPad U = axis(6-)
    Start = button(9)
    Z Trig = button(7)
    B Button = button(8)
    A Button = button(6)
    C Button R = button(1)
    C Button L = button(3)
    C Button D = button(2)
    C Button U = button(0)
    R Trig = button(5)
    L Trig = button(4)
    Mempak switch = key(109)
    Rumblepak switch = key(114)
    Y Axis = axis(1-,1+)
    X Axis = axis(0-,0+)
    1. configure key combination to shutdown n64 emulator, open this file /recalbox/share/system/configs/mupen64/mupen64plus.cfg and add or modify this line:

      Joystick event string for stopping the emulator

      Joy Mapping Stop = "J1B0/B5"

    J1B0/B5 means : Joystick1 bouton 0 + joystick1 bouton 5. I hope this helped you!

  • It worked! Thank you very much 🙂

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