Scraper bug? Favourites sub menu possible?

  • Ever since I received my Raspberry Pi 2 I have been hooked on using Recalbox. It's combination of excellent emulator, interface, and Kodi fulfils all my entertainment needs. I've now managed to get my 64GB microsd card working and thus have thousands of games at my disposal. However, this has introduced a new challenge. If put games in a folder (e.g. Final Fantasy IX) and then scrape the folder I can change the image accordingly. However, upon reboot the image has gone. Is this a bug? For the thousand or so SNES roms I tried creating alphabetical folders but it looks ugly so I've reverted to having all the roms in the main folder. Would it be possible to be able to mark games as 'favourites' and then have a submenu on the main screen?

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