NEO GEO - Recalbox v4 beta3

  • Hi Guys!   First of all, I want to mention that I' follwing the wiki pages Easy Arcade and Advanced Arcade on Recalbox. I have downloaded Mame 0.78 romset and FBA romset for the lr-mame2003 and libretro FBA emulators. CPS 1 and CPS 2 games are running well, but most of the NEO GEO games are not. With Mame I'm able to run KOF97, but not KOF 99, for instance. In Libretro I couldn't run the KOF games. I have also tried some of the games I had working on PiFBA in Recalbox 3, and some stopped working as well. Did the romset versions changed in the latest beta?   Thanks

  • I have verified on my own Pi3 recalbox (i'm on today's unstable release) that the 0.78 mame set and fba set still work fine (using KOF 97 and 99 as my only tests). I do not believe the emulators were updated to use a newer romset although retroarch itself was updated recently to 1.3.4 (not in beta3 tho, just in current unstable builds like I use or possibly not even those yet). Keep your eye on these two links for changes to recalbox: Milestones & Changelog   Also it's worth mentioning that their is a known issue that bios files with extensions in CAPS get ignored. your in fba-libretro may either be missing or listed as neogeo.ZIP (needs to be lowercase). MAME issues are odd since you got a neogeo game to work (bios issues would break EVERY neogeo game for that system). Have you run your roms thru clrmamepro to verify them?   Eric

  • I've discovered the problem. The roms aren't being transfered correctly via LAN (using WiFi) How do you usually copy your games to recalbox?

  • my Pi uses an external HDD for the recalbox share that is formatted FAT32. I simply shutdown recalbox and plug the hard disk in to my PCs USB port and copy the files over. Prior to using external storage for capacity and convenience, I use a wired ethernet connection and WinSCP to copy the roms. Their are known issues with copying large quantities of files and/or large sized files over the SMB share or web interface to recalbox - wired or wireless.   If your using the SMB share or web interface via windows/linux/mac to copy data over wifi, first I would try keeping it on wifi but using software like WinSCP to connect and copy files over. If you still have issues then try ethernet - again with WinSCP or similar.     Eric

  • Thanks very much for the explanation.   I've decided to use Double Commander, which is free, and it's working fine so far.

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