Per System Input Latency Optimized Performance Config

  • Issue: Noticeable input latency on various libretro emulators due to default retroarch settings of: video_threaded=true, vsync=true, hard_gpu_sync=false, frame_delay=0.  It is worst in 8bit consoles that depend on quick reaction time. Note - this is not due to television/lcd display latency; that is an entirely different issue.   Current Fix: Create a static system config for each system with files optimized input latency and video settings, e.g. NES: video_threaded=false, vsync=true, hard_gpu_sync=true, frame_delay=10   The problem with this fix is that the config file is not dynamically created by Recalbox, so you lose autoconfigure controller support, the ES emulator menu options don't work, etc.   Question Does Recalbox support per-system configs that inherit settings from the parent config file?  If so, how do I do this? Note - Retroarch does support auto appending configs to the base (parent) config file, but this doens't seem to be supported in Recalbox's version from my testing.   Aside Could future versions of Recalbox have video quality/ input latency presets in the ES menu similar to the shader presets?  Smooth Video, Balanced Video, Performance Video.

  • Hello you can add theses settings in your /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/retroarchcustom.cfg.origin file, and use the config generator of recalbox.

  • Thanks for the advice.   That will work for a global config with lower input latency.   Additional Question Using the solution you proposed, can I create unique settings for each game system (NES, SNES, Megadrive), not only a global unique config?  Can I use your solution to create  NES configuration of threaded_video=false and another configuration with SNES threaded_video=true while inheriting retroarchcustom.cfg?

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