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Help mame 0.78 recalbox 4.0

  • hey everyone i got a preconfigured recalbox last week with 4.0 and raspberry pi3. came with some arcade games (in the mame folder). many of these just don't work even though I got a few to run properly so I assume this is 0.78. as far as i can tell, there was no bios file in the mame folder. so i got a 0.78 romset and installed all the relevant and recommended bios files in the mame folder and started adding specific games from the romset. these games simply do not show up in the list of games. i've given it a few try but it is simply not working. any idea as to what i am doing wrong? thanks everyone - i'm a noob at this. j

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    I suppose you read the easy arcade wiki page on recalbox github ? a few questions first : - if your roms files are in .7z, nope. They must be in .zip format - did you decompress the game files ? because you should'n't - did you reboot your recalbox ?   a few roms running properly doesn't mean anything, many roms file can stay untouched from romset to romset, sometimes for years. So you could technically have som roms file from the latest romset which could still work with 0.78.

  • Thanks for your answer. Yes the roms are in zip and were not decompressed. I've rebooted the recalbox several times now. I guess the next step will be to empty the mame folder and start adding roms from scratch. I haven't had a similar issue with other emulators. Thanks

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    pretty weird, I don't think we ever had this issue before... have a look at your es_systems.cfg file (look on the wiki if it's not clear, it's in /recalbox/share_init/system I think but there can also be a copy of it in /recalbox/share/system) and check if the person who sold/gave it to you didn't mess up with mame entry, you should find .zip among the accepted file extension for that system are your zip files at the root of your mame roms folder ?

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