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RASPBERRY PI 3 - First Impressions

  • Hi everybody. Just got my first Raspberry Pi (a 3 model). I'm a moderate emulator user , but a novice in Raspberry Pi world. I'm 36 and my first console was an Atari 2600. Well, here is my first impressions, doubts and everything. 1. The installation was very easy. In few minutes, the Recalbox was on screen. Just set up my Xbox 360 wireless controller based on the SNES controller. The confirmations button was set to the Xbox A button, what is fine, but the screen shows the B button as the confirmation one, based on the SNES. How can I solve this? If I configure the buttons as showed on screen, then the confirmation button is set to the Xbox A button, and I don't like it... The portuguese language was not accurate, maybe it's from Portugal, not Brazil. 2. The Atari 2600 works just fine. Based on SNES controller, the action button was set to the Xbox B button. Tested several games and everything works fine. 3. The Nes emulation works great too, but b<span style="line-height: 1.5;">ased on SNES controller, the NES B and A buttons were set to the Xbox A and B button. I would like to use the X and A Xbox buttons, and don't know how. Tested several games, and all works fine. I've try to use Retroarch, but the configuration did not save, don't know why.</span> 4. The Snes emulation works great. The buttons were set the right way, obviously. Tested few games, and in-save games works fine. Not try the special chip games. I did not find the Scrap for F-zero, maybe I did something wrong... 5. Same thing with Mega Drive. Emulation is OK, buttons were ok (set to Xbox X, A and B button). Some games uses a 6 button controller, and I wonder if there's a way to configure these one separately. 6. Just try one Sega-CD game, and it returns to the emulation screen. I think there's something to do with BIOS. 7. Nintendo 64 emulation was good. Blast Corps drops the frame rate...Mario 64 works fine in-game. The controller was set in a very good way (Z turns L2, C-buttons turns right trigger, B and A turns X and A - like I would in NES). 8. Neo Geo emulation was really good. The buttons were OK (A, B, C and D turns X, A, Y and B). In retroarch, change 2 things: set AES mode (did not work) and then free play (it works). 9. Mame emulation will take some time, I think. Some games did not work, like Killer Instinct, but I think it's a configuration matter. Street Fighter II works, but Champion Edition don't. Maybe need the full set, not only the clone one. Try to remap the buttons using R2, but without sucess. That's it. Did not try another emulators, and I hope to master this little machine. I hope you guys like this topic, and will really apreciate any helps, as well as help new users. To the moderators, hope not to break any rule and <span style="color: #212121; font-family: arial, sans-serif; white-space: pre-wrap;">I am available to provide help, including the recalbox translation for Brazilian Portuguese .</span>

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