Recalbox 7.0

Two players not working with some games (e.g.: Super Soccer) using pocketsnes

  • Hello, I'm running recalbox 4.0.0 beta3 on a Raspberry Pi B with 512 MB RAM. I now got two iBuffalo SNES-like USB gamepads, and they both were detected properly. However, when I launch a SNES game (with default settings, using pocketsnes; same with catsfc) I get a yellow "Controller not configured" message. Most games work regardless though: Super Tennis, International Super Star Soccer, Super Mario Kart or Super Street Fighter all allow for two players to play. Super Bomberman 2 or Super Soccer don't, unfortunately. I actually bought the gamepads to play Super Soccer together. I also used a PS3 sixaxis gamepad before my iBuffalo ones arrived (via cable, lacking a bluetooth dongle): I got the same yellow message when plugging in another PS4 controller (two PS4 controllers did not work either with Super Soccer). I'm able to choose two player mode in Super Soccer only when I switch to using snes9x, but this is running way too slow, with choppy sound. Super Bomberman 2 works too using snes9x, and I can even choose up to four human players (with default settings/pocketsnes only the first player is able to choose "MAN", 2-4 only allow COM or OFF); but again, it's too slow. I also tried using ROMs from different sources in case of Super Soccer, to no avail (they might be the same though -- did not bother to do a SHA/MD5 check on them). I tried forcing udev or sdl2 as input driver via recalbox.conf too, without success. I also tested Super Soccer on RetroPie 3.7: no luck (and same yellow message). Do you have any ideas what I could try to make this work? Regards lems edit: I might add that with RetroPie, I get two yellow "controller X configured port #0" (or so) and #1 messages, but it's still not working. The best I could find was this bug report on github:

  • I got it working, finally. I read the github issue more closely, and apparently you have to press a button on the second gamepad while choosing two player mode (Super Soccer) or the second player (Bomberman).

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