Recalbox 7.0

Screen resolution 1080p

  • Hello and thanks to everyone in the community helping to make Recalbox so great! I am troubleshooting a repeatable crash with Recalbox on RasPi 3B. The system works excellently on my home projector at 640x480, it works excellently on my own TV at 720P, and my parents TV at 720P but crashes badly on 4 of my friends TV's. Two TV's are 1080P and 2 are 4k (but clearly show the incoming signal as 1080p). Each time it boots up, all of the splash screens work perfectly, and then Recalbox immediately froze after booting into emulation station. The system freezes with a bold white line across the top of the screen and the controls become completely unresponsive at this stage. I have an older Pi running RetroPie collecting dust so as a test I decided to plug it in and try it on the last 2 TV's. To my surprise my old (and now abandoned) RetroPie system (on an old RasPi 1B) worked both times. Any suggestions? Is this a known bug in Recalbox or something I can fix easily? I could not find documentation on my problem anywhere so I thought I would ask. Thanks!

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