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PC Engine CD and FDS on Pi3

  • Hi there, is anybody else having problems with PC Engine and Famicom Disc System games? They worked fine on my Pi 2 under Recalbox  3.3.0 betas, but on my new Pi 3 on Recalbox 4.0.0 beta I cannot play them anymore. I have the same bios files in place and the same roms/bins. Does someone has a idea?

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    Yeah for PC Engine CD it's pretty simple there is a bug in v4 where files with uppercase extension are not recognized anymore. If you open the cue files for your non working PC Engine CD games you'll see that they contain a link to a the bin file and in most of the case the link end with .BIN, modify it to .bin and it should work again For FDS i'm not familiar with the format, I'll go have a look EDIT : for FDS roms it seems to be zip files embedding .fds roms, so no the same problem I think, except maybe if they are using uppercase extension (.ZIP,.FDS) or the associated bios files are using uppercase extension

  • Ok, thanks, i give it a try.

  • I now tried to change the .BIN to .bin, but still I can not play my pce cd game, I converted a iso into a bin file, and created a new cue sheet for that .bin file. On the Recalbox 4.0.0 beta 3 I can not even see the .bin file. It only showes me the cue sheet. On my old 3.3.0 beta 17 I used the Iso file and the cue sheet and it showed me both in the on screen menu. And by the way, thanks again for the reply, FDS now works for me. It was the bios file, that I had to rename.

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    I've never tried iso files for pce-cd, I downloaded games in cue/bin format and had to edit the cue file for about two thirds of them. I think you'll have better chance that way than converting them from iso. By the way, seeing only the cue files is the default way I think or you would have double entries for each games in Emulation Station.

  • I got it sorted out now, thanks again.

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