Recalbox clock management/overvolt

  • Hi. i'm new here, so if anyone did already touch this topic i'd be pleased if you'd link to it. here is my problem: i noticed that my raspi was getting very hot while playing SNES games (almost 70°C) i don't have any overclocking applied, the raspi case is open and i've installed heatsinks. so i checked and while the arm clock was normal (1200MHz), the core voltage was set to 1,35V, which equals over_voltage=6. i double checked the config.txt, no overvoltaging applied. so i manually set over_voltage to 0 to no effect. also, when using retropie, the pi clocks down when no significant workload is applied (as in force_turbo=0), but recalbox seems to always push it to the max. anyone can enlighten me what's going on there?

  • even stranger, when i set initial_turbo to 15, the system keeps running at 600MHz all the time. i'm running a model 3 btw.

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