How to find out why a rom is not working

  • Hi, I am currently switching from RetroPie to Recalbox (I like much more so far). However, I find some games are not working on Recalbox that did work on RetroPie. "Street Fighter Alpha 3" for FBA for instance. Can you give me any help on how to find out what's up?<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> I'm a programmer so I can find my way through a computer, read log files etc. pp. Does Recalbox log its stuff? Are there any other ways to find out why it is not working? </span> PS: I am using "recalboxOS-4.0.0-beta3" on  a Raspberry Pi 3. Thanks Lukas

  • Update: I am looking at the "recalbox.log" but I don't see an output on the rom.

  • Ok I am looking at "/recalbox/share/system/logs//fba2x.log", it says it's all ok. See log here: But my screen just stays black!

  • Hi, You have many informations about arcade here. (like romset version or bios you may use) And here is the way to have recalbox.log. EDIT: do you know which core of fba was used on retropie ?

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