Problems making Mame roms work in v4.0

  • Hello! I am a bit confused, i am trying to make my MAME roms work in Recalbox 4.0 but a i am absolutely unable to do it. This is what i've done so far: 1.- I have a mame 0.78 romset (I thought it was the most compatible one) 2.- I have downloaded a mame bios pack (about 68 zips) and put it inside the roms/mame folder, along with the other roms 3.- I've seen in the wiki that romset 0.78 should be using lr-mame2003 emulator, but i don't know how to specify it in the cfg file, so i let it as "default" (in the cfg i only see "mame.core=mame078") 4.- Tested some roms, and sunset riders, bubble bobble, superman, track and field, and many more are not working. What should I do to make it work? Is there a specific 0.37b5 and mame4all or it should work right away? Thanks!

  • To whom may interest: I found the way to make it work. 1.- Using clrmamepro, transformed all my roms to version 0.78 using the .DAT file from the retropie website 2.- modified my recalbox.conf and set mame.emulator=libretro and mame.core=mame078   Worked like a charm!

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    Well if anyone read that thread : please don't do that !!! All your problems come from your downloading of random BIOS files : this files are already included in your 0.78 romset in the correct version needed by mame 0.78. Which is not the case of the ones you downloaded which can come from any mame version. If those files are not in your romset it's not a good nor complete one And it's pretty clear in the wiki easy arcade that those BIOS files are in the romset. So downloading other files and using clrmamepro is totally useless AND creating problems, like you experienced Also there's no need at all to modify recalbox.conf like you did : mame078 is the version used by default in recalbox

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