Internet access works but cant ping and cant find on network

  • Fresh install on a brand new RaspPi3. IP address is showing as System can search for updates so it must be online. It is not showing up on my network at all. I have attempted to search for \RECALBOX from explorer. I have used the IP \ from explorer. I have attempted to connect using Win SCP. When pinged from cmd I get "ping request could not find host". I am pulling my hair out. Rebooting gives me the same IP address each time as well.   I am a total newb at this. Can someone please help? Thanks!!

  • Hi, Your internet box gives IP adress automatically to all your computers (and recalbox), you have to look settings on it. You can try to compare your computer adress and recalbox adress to see if you are on the same range : 1) windows key + R 2) cmd 3) ipconfig then enter If your computer adress isnt like 10.0.0.XXX, it cant communicate with recalbox.

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