Screen resolution issue HDMI 1080P TV: RESOLVED

  • Really loving the work and effort that has gone into this product, it should have been called Ronsealbox. "Does exactly what it says on the tin" ! Love the list of working games, that will save lots of frustration. I have a pi3 running your latest beta. I have a small annoyance I cant quite find an answer to. It the display on my LCD 1080p tv. A lot of posts talk about how to solve issues with borders. My issue is more the picture is slighly zoomed in , i.e I am missing pixcels at top and bottom. Just wondered if I need to somehow alter emulation station front end or the emulators configs somehow. Two prime examples and I think its most games but these are ones I am familiar with. Mame: Load Rtype world in mame I can see the beam power at bottom of screen, but cannot see the SCORE Gameboy Advance 1651 bubble bobble old and new (US).zip When the first software splash screen loads the word interactive is cut in half at bottom of screen. Then when you play the top of the screen the scoring is cut in half and again at bottom of screen a few lines are missing too. For some reason Bubble Bobble does not work for me within mame at moment even though have the 0.78 rom. Has anyone got it working, maybe i just have a corrupt rom? Could anyone else see if they have same issue or advise what I need to change. Its just a few lines top and bottom. I have no black border top and bottom the picture fills the screen. I have tried setting in the gui but not found a solution. Thanks Venom

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    Yeah it's just a slight overscan problem, two ways to solve this : - Some LCD TV like mine, displays image from source by zooming by default a little the source image, you may want to go through the menu of your TV and search if there's a parameter related to that - If this doesn't work set your overscan :

  • Yes I was playing with the Sony Tv's settings yesterday, it also goes through a Yamaha AV amp via passthrough. I seem to have every setting for stretch zoom etc and smart , the only one missing seems to be shrink a little ! Will have a look if rather than the zoom settings itself if there is something hidden in a menu to disable the little bit of zoom it is doing. If not will look at the guide and have a play with the config.txt . Thanks for that .

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  • Thanks Volega, simply turned it , rebooted on and it worked a treat ! I'd read that before missed that about dealing with cropped images ! The overscan option can be enabled if you have black border on the image or if your image is cropped. You can enable overscan in the frontend by setting the Overscan option in UI SETTINGSto on.

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