Help with 4 player arcade

  • Got raspberry pi 3, got recalbox installed and its awesome. Without using the on board GPIOs I decided to buy two KADE devices so I can have 40 inputs. And the raspberry recognizes them just fine as inputs. I can make them keyboard inputs or joystick inputs.. doesnt matter. Mame078 works great but will NOT save the controller inputs. Ive done the custom config option so it actually saves the inputs and it works for players 1 and 2.. but still not all of 3 and 4. TMNT has a total of 28 inputs it needs. Is it really that hard to just change the inputs and make them work? lol.. what am I missing? It shouldn't matter about what the encoder thinks the buttons are, it should only matter on what input bindings I give the switches in mame or what I change the inputs to in the config.. but even then its not working. Going on 20+ hours trying to figure this out.. please help. One more thing, ive tried the imame4all and I did manage to get all 4 joysticks to work somehow. But I couldnt change the in game dip switch settings in tmnt. No way to get to that menu. And the game doesnt look near as good with custom scanlines or whatever I tried. Hands down mame078 looked better.

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