Rpi3 recallbox 4.0.0 b2 what size storage? recommendation

  • I picked up an RPI3 and now I have to purchase some storage.  Whats the recommended/optimal size of sdcard?  I was thinking of storing a lot of games.  is 128 GB overkill?  I read some people settled with 64 GB.  I will primarily using the storage to store roms.  But I would like to make sure that on the kodi side there is plenty of storage for addons to work.   Thanks

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    If you're not interested too much in PC Engine CD or PSX, 64GB will be enough. If you're interested in PSX you'll need more, from 128Go up to 1TB if you want an extensive PSX set Also Dreamcast and PSP maybe a thing on recalbox in several months

  • It also depends on if you're using a filesystem capable of compression.  If you are, you can use a smaller card and still hold a lot of data.  It's like putting your entire filesystem in one big zip file.

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