Recalbox 7.0

How to use fba-libretro games from external drive

  • Really lost here as the games just don't show up. I've got all the games on an external USB at the root level and the games locations pointed to the external drive but it still doesn't show up. Any help? Do I need to set RecalBox to use fba-libretro anywhere?

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    What did you modify to achieve that ? Files, configuration, etc Do you want only fba_libretro on external drive or all systems ?

  • All I'm aiming to do is have my game library on a USB drive. They're predominantly for use in FBA, but there are some other ROMs on there too.   I've been trying to edit fstab to mount the external drive at '/recalbox/share'. however whenever I reboot, the USB drive is given a different device ID and the games don't show up (it never uses the same 'SDA' as the one I've used in the fstab file).

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    Well if you're on 4.0.0 you can discard all your fstab or other modifications and simply use the existing option in Emulation Station menu 🙂 It's in System Settings

  • Haha, I have tried that but it's still having none of it 🙂 Any specific directory structure needed for it to work off external drives?

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    Well power off your recalbox, unplug your your hard drive and check it on a computer Recalbox should have automatically created a whole directory structure under /recalbox/share  (or just /share I don't remember) then just copy your roms into /recalbox/share/roms, replug it into your recalbox, restart the recalbox and all should be ok

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