Controllers stop working on some PS1 games

  • So I bought a complete set of Rockman Complete Works off ebay to add to my collection and I made ISO copies for use in my Recalbox. Now, when I load Rockman 2 Complete works (Didn,t try the others yet), the controller stops working except the HOTKEY to go back to the RecalBox interface. Same thing happens to my Diablo ISO. Every other game I have on there works just fine, but for some reason, some PS1 games will render my controller inert on load. Even if it says "Controller blablabla is configued" on the screen when it loads. Anyone else had this issue with PS1 games?

  • Some psx games must be used with analog controler. Or by default the analog mode is not set in the psx emulator. Once your game started, try to go in retroarch menu (hotkey+b) then quick menu / core options / and switch your controller in analog mode.

  • Oh really? Wow, I didn't know that. I will try tonight when I'm home and update on this. Thanks.

  • So I tried what you suggested and nothing changed. Not even the keyboard works.

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