[solved] [4.0.0] Booting from harddisk doesn't always work

  • Running build 10 on a raspberry pi 2 no overclocking harddisk connected for 'share' Changed to a new raspberry pi 2 and booted like my "old" one, but couldn't get the harddisk to work. The harddisk showed up in the system setting, but with 0GB. The harddisk is listed as share in /boot/recalbox-boot.conf as: sharedevice=DEV a95f5d3d-4678-4d04-946d-ae9f7b57e680 I added 'sleep 5' to the /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation, so the harddisk has enough time to spin up. The weird thing is, most of the time it is not starting from the harddisk. So 'share' is on the sd card, but system setting still shows the harddisk as storage device. I can access the harddisk as /media/usb0. If I change something in the system settings it boots an starts from harddisk and everything is fine. After another reboot or two, again the same problem. Any suggestion? Thanks in advanced. Update: Had to rename the folder /recalbox on my harddisk, otherwise the system gets messed up. So just moved all the roms to the newly created folder /recalbox and everything is up and running like it should:-)

  • Edit your fstab file for the UUID of your HDD partition.  I prefer UUID as it doesn't tend to change by moving drives around.  You can edit the fstab file and change the mount point of the /dev/whatever to UUID=uuid of your partition  /share (partition type without parentheses<span style="line-height: 1.5;">) (options without parentheses)</span> That fixes any problems I've had with things moving around or mounting in the wrong place.

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