Everything working great - not overclocking - ALL emulators stopped working?

  • So, this about the 5th time this has happened and I am ready to stomp this Raspberry into a million pieces. I set everything up - spend a week dragging over roms and organizing things. Originally I was attempting to set up different screen settings per core - but then all my emulators quit working, so I assumed it was because the CFG files were getting corrupted somehow? Shoot forward to this latest time, and I haven't messed with anything. Just loaded roms and played. I will edit some core settings for screen size, etc. But it does NOT save on exit. I've been happily playing for a week. I played a ton last night, I don't shut down...I try to load up a game this morning. No dice. All emulators quit working. Any thoughts? Any ideas to hopefully salvage all my work? thanks!

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    Do you by any chance shutdown your pi by savagely disconnecting it ? ^^if not do you use a compatible sd card

  • No, I always shut down properly. Using a Samsung Evo 64gig card - and my PSU is to spec.

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    Hmmm... then I don't know :s

  • It's perplexing/frustrating. Has anyone else had problems saving retroarch configs and corrupting the whole system?

  • I went in and deleted retroarchcustom.cfg and rebooted. All is well now - go figure. SOLVED

  • The only time anything like this happened to me was after editing the config with word/notepad. Using word++ I've never had a problem and more recently I just use recalbox manager via my phone. I know word/notepad used to cause the config to corrupt

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