[Solved] Odyssey

  • Hi everybody ! First, congratulations for a great job on recalbox. Every version it´s better ! I´m testing a v4.0 and i love it ! However, the Odyssey emulator does not work. I tested with various roms and failed to load the game, someone managed to make it work? Thanks. PS: Sorry for my bad english DM from Brazil

  • Hello, I forgot to put the bios on emulator, but some games dont function only gamepad. Some games need a keyboard on Recalbox to load, because need to press "A" or "S" or "1", "2",... to start.  I believe that this is due because of the Odyssey have keyboard on the original hardware. Some games like Atlantis or Frogger, loaded normally with gamepad without keybord. However, USB keyboard should solve this problem with some games. My solutions for this ? I use the raspberry pi with lapdock was bought to have more portability like this: http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Raspberry-Pi-Lapdock-Connection/   In Attachments my personal use to RecalBox and LapDock

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