Blank screen upon initial boot/install : choose the good hdmi port !

  • I have a pi4 2GB using a retroflag NES case. I downloaded and installed the latest version of recalbox using the pi imager program onto a known working micro SD card (SanDisk 32GB). The HDMI cable is plugged into the port closest to the USB C plug.

    When I turn on the pi I can hear the fan running and the power led is on but I get absolutely no activity on the screen.

    What could be the possible causes?

  • Nevermind. I swear this always happens with me, I post a question and as soon as its submitted my issue goes away.

    The only thing I did was to swap HDMI ports. I don't know why that would change anything as I original booted with it in the opposite port. I also now realize that the left port is the one closest to USB C plug but when using the NES case the actual USB C plug is on the other side via a daughter board.

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