8bitdo control problem bluethoot with recalbox 4.0

  • good night , I have 2 pad pad nes30 8bitdo one pro and one nes30 , the problem is I can only match one single pad in the menu settings pads just leave me 0 # bluethoot , but does not leave me 1 # bluethoot . If I turn on the nes30 with star + r , this leaves me with n / a and if only I enciedo with star nes30 recognize me , but confused with the nes30pro and do not leave me 2 bluethoot pad. When I give I detected two buttons set pad, but the nes30 not respond . Any solution? In version 3 beta17 had no problems. thanks.

  • I have a similar issue.  I have a 8Bitdo FC30 Arcade Joystick.  When 4.0 said the joystick is paired, the LED of the joystick goes solid, seemed paired.  However, the joystick is not working at all.  With 3.3 beta17, the joystick is working perfectly.  Please fix this.  Thx!

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