Xbox 360 Controller?

  • Hey everyone! I am absolutely LOVING the recalbox. I only have one very small issue, I went into the recalbox\user data\system\recalbox.conf and changed controllers.xboxdrv.enabled to =1, however, when I boot up psx games I am getting a "xbox gamepad (userspace driver) (0/0) not configured" Any ideas?? The controller seems to work great so I'm not sure what the problem is. Anyways, love it so much, thanks to all the devs for the amazing work, by far the best retro pi platform.

  • Hello and your gamepad work normally even with this message, right ? it is a retroarch bug.

  • Yes everything works perfectly fine! I don't see any problems. Glad I didn't do something wrong, thanks for the help.   Also I just found another really nifty thing (this recalbox is so amazing), if I use my mayflash PS3 wireless adapter and set it to xinput settings, I don't have to modify the ps3/x360 config preference!

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