Problems with Mortal Kombat series on MAME 2003

  • Hello, i downloaded Recalbox a few days ago, and i'm enjoying alot, but i'm having some problems with arcade games. I downloaded the Mortal Kombat series on 0.78 Fullset, and i'm having some problems. MK1 runs a little slow with a sound issue (is like "blastered" sound) Mk2 runs perfect but with a very low sound (is a known issue on that ROM in any mame version) MK3 runs a little slow with very low sound too   Running on MAME2003. Anyway to fix it? I don't know how to change to imame4all.   Also, i tried to run KOF 2002 on FBA, the emulator load the rom but after that comes a black screen and the game doesnt start, any fix?

  • Keep in mind that Mortal Kombat games as well as other Midway Games from the 90s are running at 53Hz (whereas most other arcade games from that era were designed to run @60Hz). Which means that as far as Mame emulation is in sync with the game internal clock, fullspeed framerate on MK games should be 53 fps (and not 60 fps as we are used to see with other arcade games). So if you think your MK is running a bit slow because the on-screen display in Mame is showing 53or 54 FPS while you expected 60 FPS, then... It's not 🙂 Regarding the audio problem you encounter in MK 1 (probably linked with the unusual refresh rate used by the game) it can be minimized adjusting the audio_latency parameter within Retroarch settings menus. Default value is 64ms but i've discovered that if you increase it to 200ms, then it almost completely removes the audio glitches. Eventually, the problem you have running KOF 2002 in FBA is probably due to the fact that the ROM file you use is either corrupted or from a different Romset than the one expected by FBA (which is aligned on Mame 0.167 romsets specs if you're using the latest version of FBA). Try to download a different ROM from the same game and see if that fixes the problem. Hope this helps a bit 🙂

  • You can too do a fresh install of recalbox v4.0.0, then only add necessary roms from the romset 0.37b5 to your recalbox. Then affect imame4all as core to your MK roms. With this way, you'll use the defaut core (mame2003) on all your mame roms, and you'll start your MK roms, froms 0.37b5 romset with imame4all. To affect a specific core to a video game. Once on your list of games in emulationstation, select your video game, then press select, edit meta data, and select the core that you want to affect. You'll have now to save et start the video game. You can check that the switch has been done by pressing hotkey+b and checking the core's name at the bottom of the window.

  • I had the same problem, but changed the core and it worked. Use the imame4all core.

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