[Recalbox 7.x][14.10.20] Les correctifs

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    Bonjour à tous,

    voici les correctifs effectués

    La mise à jour serait disponible vendredi 16.10.2020
    Merc à tous pour votre participation.


    • Add Sigil in PORTS (https://www.romerogames.ie/si6il)
    • Add Kubo 3 on NES (dale_coop & seiji)
    • Add raspi-gpio to manage GPIO in scripts
    • Add new boot videos
    • Add missing bios report file (share/bios/missing_bios_file.txt)


    • SNES default emulators pi0/1: pisnes, pi2/3: snes9x2010 & snes9x elsewhere
    • Bump FBNeo - Emulation improvements + fix neogeo-CD audio artifects
    • Bump linux-firmware to 2020.09.18
    • Bump kodi to 18.8
      -Make pc98 playable with pads/joysticks


    • Fix Netflix plugin authentication (bump to v1.10.0)
    • Fix RPI4 blackscreen issues while booting
    • Fix doom.wad required for WADs games (prboom core)
    • Fix Mupen64 L1/R1 mapping
    • Fix DosBOX not returning back to emulationstation
    • Fix pads in reversed order by default
    • Fix recalbox.conf modifications getting lost
    • Fix missing media being not updated using internal scrapper
    • Fix outdated bios list in webmanager
    • Fix zfast and crt-pi shaders' path
    • Fix "Last Played" metadata & display in gamelist
    • Fix missing psx bios md5
    • Fix hdmi-cec not working on rpi4
    • Fix PS4 pad pairing issue
    • Fix duplicated entries in "Last Played"
    • Fix Ports & aAcade virtual system not searchable
    • Fix empty card names in audio output device list
    • Fix no sound through jack on RPi1/2/3
    • Fix information popup positions
    • Fix Oricutron bios path
    • Fix false update message
    • Fix X-Arcade driver. Now supports v2 panels and other keyboard encoders
    • Fix ShaderSets
    • Fix mouse not working on rpi4
    • Fix multi-file zipped roms hash calculations (arcade)
    • Add more hard-patched xbox pads
    • Fix idroid pad for kodi
    • Fix connected/disconnected status in Network menu
    • Fix i18n plural forms (Chineese language are now working)
    • Fix video player behevior while reading invalid files
    • Fix NESPi4 cas shutdown script
    • Fix VirtualKeyboard red mess on Pi4
    • Fix crash while quitting gamelist menu in virtual systems
    • Fix main menu still accessible while it should not be.
    • Fix crash in p2k hints with some p2k definitions
    • Fix GPI case shutdown script
    • Fix screensaver triggered while downloading updates
    • Fix rpi4 random freeze

    Je vous invite à consulter régulièrement ce lien : https://gitlab.com/recalbox/recalbox/-/blob/master/RELEASE-NOTES.md

    J'essaierai de compléter au fur et à mesure.

  • Bon courage à la team pour les corrections.

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