Earning money for good cause with Recalbox

  • Hey guys, Am I allowed to use recalbox to earn money for a good cause? It's for a school project, and all the money will go to "Stichting Obonto". Cheers, - Ramon

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    Hello, First of all, thank you for comming on the forum to ask permission for your student project. Thank you for thinking abput Recalbox for your project. Now Recalbox is an free and open source project with various open source components. While the objective is to your honor, recabox belongs to the community. We expect for any recalbox commercial project, it serves one way or another the community. Also, you have no contribution in recalbox, we can't give our concentement for recalbox sale. Especially that the project is above all free for everyone. So if your plan is to sell an SD Card, a Chinese case with a raspberry and recalbox, there is no capital gain on distribution. In addition, unless I am mistaken, I doubt you have the knowledge to ensure the after sales followed. We can only encourage the community members to donate to organizations working for a better purpose. But you can make home made bartop, original printed case or wath do you can build to sell. And install for free on a raspberry the recalbox distribution. But not only sell recalbox and parts purchased nearby. I hope I was clear and you understand what I mean. English is not my language maternal as you can notice ^^. Good luck for your student project. 🙂

  • I didn't really mean to sell the software or raspberry pi, I was more thinking of a booth where people could play games for a small fee. (for the good cause ofcourse) This booth would be powered by a raspberry pi & recalbox.

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    If you doesn't sell recalbox console and you just want to make an ephemeral retrogamming playing stand for an event, with recalbox, that is not a problem :). But be sure you have rights on the games you put in the demo. If it is a small event you do not risk much, but if you do pay the game session, you expose yourself to some risks :s (copyrtight). Have a good day

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