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  • Hola Estimados,
    Les escribo nuevamente porque tengo una duda respecto a la emulacion de Dreamcast.
    Tengo la ultima version de recalbox instalada, y un overclock a 1300 mhz.
    La verdad que si bien nunca anduvieron perfecto los juegos, habia varios que se veian muy bien, como el soul calibur.
    Pero ultimamente está funcionando distinto, ya no se ve tan fluido como antes y lo raro, es que no hice ningun cambio.
    Probé dejandolo en 4:3 en vez de 16:9, pero tampoco mejora.
    Lo unico que cambié hace poco fue la carcasa, adquirí una Retroflag.

    A alguien mas le ocurrió que antes le funcionaba bien y ahora no tanto?
    Saben si se puede configurar de una forma para darle una mejor performance al emulador Reicast?

    Muchas gracias,


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    Overclock = Overheat

    Overheat = Slowdown

    do you use fan? your power adaptater output 2,4a constantly?

  • @airdream
    Yes, i use fan in the case, and powered with 2.5a.
    Im was monitoring the temperature and its ok.
    Im only change my old case for a new one, who names retroflag superpi.
    Can be this case to be the problem?

    Thanks for your reply

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    I have also SNESPi case ☺
    You didn't change emulator resolution? (640x480 by default)
    Summer is hot so maybe it have an influence, how hot is your RPI when you monitoring it? (Over 70°C and you CPU start throttling)
    Can you try again the same game with the raspberry outside the SNESPi Case?

  • Hello @airdream , thanks again for your reply.
    Well, i change the emulation resolution, but its 640x480, only change the ratio.

    i was have this value:
    dreamcast.videomode=DMT 4 HDMI

    And i change it for that:
    dreamcast.videomode=CEA 4 HDMI

    Do you know if it the best config for DC?

    Is winter here in southamerica, but the temperature of CPU is near the 50 to 65 C.
    Have a fan and the diferents heatsinks.
    The fan in this model its close than the cpu, but isnt on the top.
    Its necesary another fan?

    Im not test without the Snespi Case

  • im install the fan in this way

    I dont know if is 5v or 3.3v

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    You fan installation is good and if temperature is 50 / 65°C during the game, it's also good.
    I don't know very well the difference between CEA or DMT mode but I found this on the web :

    CEA modes have an RGB black level of 16 (in a 0-65535 range), whereas DMT modes have an RGB black level of 0

    So maybe CEA use more ressource (due to more black level)?? someone can tell us more about this?
    I think the best config for DC and PSP and N64 is the default value.
    I love also some DC games but i prefer to wait for RPI4 (comming to the next release of recalbox) for playing DC games.

  • @airdream

    Thank you very much !
    I made a few tests this weekend.
    I put the RPi3 in another case and it was the same performance in DC, i think that SNESpi not is the problem.
    I put now the video mode as Default, and it test a turbo mode (1350 mhz).
    This combination works fine, but you need to check the temperature.

    The PSX games growin up the C° in the CPU from 85 to 90, this is because i use the Scanlines shader.
    When i remove this shader, the temperature was fine again.

    Thanks again !

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    Shaders have influence on performance and heat (and also video mode like CEA/DMT, resolutions ...)
    I recommand to use the default "retro" mode" of recalbox, or crt-nes-mini- Shader
    it really look amazing ! !

    CPU throttling start at 70°C, so you have to save ressource to be under 70°C for keeping full speed CPU. (use a light shader like crt nes mini, keep low resolution, and use fan and heatsink...)

  • @airdream

    I had this Retro mode, but this mode chose the better shader for the emulators, and in the case of PSX, put the scanlines shader.

    Thanks ! i will try this nes-mini shader, Do you use that in SNES, DC or PSX? or another sistem?

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    crt nes mini shader do not work on DC, and N64 (not enought resolution : output 640x480, this shader need 720p output at least)
    But work fine with SNES, MD, NES, PSX and lot of other systems
    It's light and it doesn't overheat RPI

    Be careful, need "Pixel Perfect" enabled !

    Below all systems suported , but you can add other one simply by editing file .recalbox.conf

    amstradcpc.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    atari2600.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    atari5200.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    atari7800.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    colecovision.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    fba_libretro.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    fds.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    gx4000.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    intellivision.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    jaguar.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    mame.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    mastersystem.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glsl
    megadrive.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    msx.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    msx1.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    msx2.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    msxturbor.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    neogeo.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    neogeocd.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    nes.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    pcengine.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    pcenginecd.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    psx.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    satellaview.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    sega32x.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    segacd.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    sg1000.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    snes.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp
    supergrafx.shaders= /recalbox/share/system/shaderpresets/crt-nes-mini.glslp

  • @airdream
    Thanks a lot my friend, i will try this shader.

  • @airdream

    I canot use this sharders yesterday, but i found you post where you explain how can i instal this package.


    It was very usefull, i change now the psx and snes shader.
    I dont know if is more nice than scale2x, but i will play it. 😉

    Thanks a lot !

  • Theme moderator

    That's the same thread ! Hope you will enjoy this shader. It's my favorite.
    It's not easy to translate and understand well the explanation in other language,
    Felicidades !

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