Compress roms in .zip format on android

  • Good, I am new to the topic of recalbox and others, I am currently waiting for the arrival of my Raspberry Pi 3b + and I do not have a computer until the arrival of the board. However I am already collecting the roms on my mobile to pass them directly to the board as soon as I have it. Given this, I have observed that some roms such as those of PSX, N64 or Mame take up a large space, and obviously I have looked for a way to reduce their size, but due to the lack of the computer you are unable to compress them yet, since what normal would be to pass them to .pbp format. I have also observed in some places that the roms of other consoles can be compressed in .zip format, and since this format if I can create it from my Android I would like to start compressing the roms that I can to occupy the least possible space, the problem is that I do not know which consoles support the .Zip format, and I know that in a file in the emulators folders of the image the formats supported by each emulator are well explained, but since I repeat that I do not have the PC I cannot look at them , I was wondering if someone could name me each emulator that supports the .Zip format, or could you give me a link to a txt file with the different supported formats or something like that, please, since I can't access the image from the mobile. Thanks in advance (°U°)

  • @Adrikadh


    try this link:

    Every System folder has an _readme.txt

    And don't create several topics with the same problem 😉

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