Amiberry - How to override A600 default configuration?

  • Is it possible to replace default A600 configuration? Most of games run based on standard A500 configuration. I need to manually change setting when I run each game. I tried to save default config inside Amiberry, but not matter what I do, every game starts with A600 configuration when run by Recalbox menu.

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    @yadid you normally don't have to change the default configuration : A600 uses the same 68000 processor at 7 Mhz. No AGA, only OCS/ECS. The difference was the new PCMCIA port and the HD interface. Most A500 games are working on A600.
    What kind of roms are you using ? (whdl, .adf, .ipf ... ?)

  • From my experience many games or demos will not run on A600 config. I'm ex Amiga user. It always been problems with A600 and games early created for A500. Main reason is newer Kickstart and memory. I wonder why Recalbox doesn't have standard A500 config. I mean A500 OCS, Kickstart 1.3 with 512 + 512 slow/chip RAM. This is the base and most common configuration for all games.

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    @yadid yeap there were compatibility problems between A500 and A600, but that was not most of the stuff. Probably due to a different kickstart and newer librairies. On RCB, i mainly use whdl roms and a few .adf. Most of the games & demos (i automatically exclude AGA softwares that are stocked in A1200 folder) run without changing the default configuration.
    If you are a former Amiga user, i suggest you download whdl in .lha format and try them.
    For info, the next RCB V7 uses a new version of Amiberry (and the mouse is at least optimizted), the GUI interface is clear and simple. P-uae is also avaible (i prefer amiberry although).

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