Donkey Kong 64 Save request

  • Unfortunately, I had my saved overwritten by Project64 v2.4.0 a week ago. I was trying to get an AI upscaled texture pack working with the Project64 Glide64 plugin. In the end i got it working but somehow my save was overwritten which really ticked me off!! I got halfway through the game! I had 101 bananas and I just started World 5. I was almost up in tears​ 😭😭😭.

    With that unfortunate event, I said to myself screw Project 64, i'll never use it ever again!! I’m done! So now I’m using Mupen64Plus Next with Retroarch. Does anyone have a Donkey Kong 64.srm save? The save needs to have at least up to world 4 (Gloomy Galleon) completed. In my previous save I just arrived at world 5 (Fungi Forest) and haven’t even got a single banana in that world yet. Please, I’m really desperate here. I just want to finally finish this game. I didn’t have an opportunity to when I was a kid. Playing this game again was an nostalgic moment. If I could find a save file online I’d use that, sadly all the saves are of 100% completion. Why don’t the people who think to upload those save files think of individuals who lost their saves and just want to start halfway through the game again?

    The save file is really important to me that I’d even consider to pay for it.

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