HotKey not working

  • Hi Just trying out the latest Recalbox having used an earlier version for some time.   I am using GPIO for my buttons and joystick. Problem is, I cant seem to get the HotKey to work. It is connected to the correct GPIO pin as per the pinout diagram on here and I activated GPIO in the .conf file but nothing happens. All the other buttons work fine..... Any ideas? Thanks Phil

  • Hmmmmmmm... Still cant get the hotkey to work. I have it connected to GPIO 2 as per the pinout diagram but no response from it. Measured with a meter and the button and wiring are OK. Have I maybe missed a step in configuring the GPIO controller method? All the other buttons work fine......

  • Hi, did you remap your controllers in emulationstation options ?

  • Hi Many thanks for the reply... No, I didn't remap anything....confused because all other buttons were OK  with default settings. Will look into how that's done.....thanks for the pointer, I'm a noob to all this Phil

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