Need help for Mame / FBA_Libretro / NeoGeo Arcade

  • Hi recalboxer, I'm following this how-to: It says:

    • Now check the BestArcade4Recalbox document and locate which system is the best for the game you want to play :
      • if it's in the mame tab, copy the game rom file from your complete 0.78 romset to the mame roms folders
      • if it's in the fba_libretro tab, copy the game from your complete 0.167 romset (or 0.161 or any other close to that) into the fba_libretro rom folders
      • if it's in the 'not found or not working' tab, well guess what ?

    Ok. I have complete Romset 0.78 and 0.167 - I did a rebuild with clrmamepro and the DAT-Files from the corresponding ROM-Folders BUT I haven't figured out how to seperate NEOGEO Roms or the ROMs better work in MAME or FBA_Libretro. Is where a way to seperate them automatically with a tool or have I to sort and upload them manually with the list ?

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    Yeah no sadly there is no tool for the moment, I wrote one at home but can't share it for the moment (it's not usable by someone other than a java developper). In fact I used that one to build the romset used for testing all the games in the spreadsheet   So you have to do it by hand... I know ! it's boring ! Sooooorry

  • ok thanks. Sadly that's not the answer I hoped for... 🙂 Do you know how to seperate the NEOGEO ? There's no extra tab in the list ? Maybe theres a clrmamepro DAT File for the 0.167 ROM List to rebuild from ?

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    Well every game containing SNK in manufacturer column will be a neogeo game, but there are some others too... You could use ClrMamePro I think but personnaly I hate the thing and never use it

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  • ClrMamePro is a good working tool - for me it worked fine after serveral try & errors 🙂 But no DAT File no Rebuild 🙂 So I have to check out another solution - do you know If there's a way to sort an excel-file to the background color ?

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    Background color will only tell you if the game is working or not ?   Yeah I think you can do it in Excel in Google Spreadsheet I don't know

  • ok now I'm having a simple and working solution. 1. Save the BestArcade4Recalbox Document as an Excel-File (.xlsx) 2. in Excel go to Tab Mame (0,78) - click on "Data" and sort by color "green" - these are the ones I'm interessted in for this tab. 3. Create a new Column H with formula: ="G:\ROMs\Mame\MAME 0.78"&C2&".zip" and copy this Column in a blank TXT-File called 078_green.txt - You should have exactly 370 FileEntrys of green and working ROMs for Mame. G:\ROMs\Mame\MAME 0.78\ is there my complete 0.78 ROM-Set is stored - you have to change this to your corresponding path 4. Create a Textfile called copy078.bat and edit:

    @echo off & setlocal for /f "usebackq delims=" %%i in ("G:\ROMs\Mame\078_green.txt") do copy "%%i" "G:\ROMs\Mame\green078" >nul

    5. Open a commandline Tab, cd into the dir of your BAT and execute. You get every 370 game in your DEST-Folder which you can transfer to your recalbox (/recalbox/share/roms/mame) 🙂

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    Cool and simple solution ! Don't forget the bios 😉

  • Hey Voljega, on github you wrote:

    <h4>piFBA</h4> Recalbox (all versions)

    • piFBA is the most powerful arcade emulator on recalbox.

    • It uses the FBA romset version : FBA which is based on MAME 0.114 (April 2007)

      • Size : 3.62GB
      • Romsets emulated : 684 (no clones in this)
    • roms folder : fba

    From the 684 romset in are not all working, right ? Only those which are mentioned in the list ? So there's no need to copy them all over to recalbox ?

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    Yeah there's not need to keep all the roms but the list is for fba_libretro wich uses a more recent romset not pifba (I should test that one when I find the time)   Pi-fba is supposed to be more optimized so I think you can try all games if the list in green yellow and orange     Actually more games should worh with pifba, with fba_libretro many roms were lagging so i removed them from the list

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